"Tips" to share the commutation operation of DC geared motors

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  If you want to better use the DC geared motor, you need to have a detailed understanding of it.Can help understand and use the product.Next, the editor will introduce the reversal technique of the device.

DC geared motor

  1. Alternating current is induced in the armature winding of the DC geared motor, and the current flowing into the external circuit is the direct current generated by the motor through the point brush and the commutator.Commutation refers to mechanically forcing the current in the coil to change from one value to another in a short period of time.For the geared motor, the currents are equal to the front and back, but the direction is opposite.The main problem of the DC geared motor is that the commutation spark under the brush exceeds the standard.The commutator segment in normal operation should have a smooth surface and a dark brown cuprous oxide protective layer, which can increase the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator segment, reduce the short-circuit current under the brush, and protect the commutator from wear , Thereby improving the working conditions of the commutator segments and reducing sparks.
  2. If the following conditions occur in the surrounding environment, commutation sparks will increase, and the wear of the brushes and commutator pieces of the DC geared motor will be aggravated.Insufficient oxygen in the air makes it impossible to form a complete oxide film on the surface of the commutator; if the temperature is too low, it is difficult to form an oxide film on the surface of the commutator; the air contains corrosive gases and dust, which will destroy the formed oxide film and make it It is difficult to change the direction and increase the wear of the brush.
  Regarding the operation knowledge of DC geared motor reduction and commutation, you can use it as a reference.In the future operation and use, you must analyze it according to the specific situation.Hope this helps you.
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