How to judge the quality of DC geared motor

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  The DC geared motor has the advantages of small size, high efficiency, simple structure, and low copper consumption. It is a low-power direct-speed motor.As a low-power motor, it can be used as a driving element for various equipment.Before using the DC geared motor, we suggest to do a preliminary inspection to determine whether it can work normally.Regarding its judgment and inspection work and specific steps, the following is a detailed introduction:
  1. Rotate the DC geared motor by hand.If there is significant resistance, there is a short circuit point inside the motor.
  2. After running to a stable temperature rise, the surface temperature of the motor should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.If it exceeds its temperature, it means that the temperature rise of the motor is not enough.
  3. Observe the reverse spark when energized.Ensure that there is no spark. If there is a ring fire, remember not to use it.
  4. When connecting the positive electrode and the negative electrode, there will be a lot of resistance when tightening by hand, indicating that the circuit is normal.Otherwise, there is a breakpoint in it.
  5. When the temperature rises steadily, stop the machine and measure the resistance of the winding with a multimeter.
  6. When the rated voltage is applied, the error between the measuring speed and the marking speed should not exceed 10%.
  7. Add 1.2 times the rated voltage, run for 2 minutes, and observe whether the DC geared motor is abnormal.
  While there is no problem with the DC geared motor after the above inspection, safety issues should be emphasized. We must select suitable equipment and carry out the work. Please consult our manufacturer for the specific price.
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