The speed problems and solutions of DC geared motors

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  During the use of DC geared motors, the speed will inevitably become slow and weak.I believe that many people are at a loss for this problem, so let's take a look at the solution to this phenomenon.
  1. When the speed of the DC geared motor equipment is still slow after power-on, most of the capacitor-started motors have insufficient capacitance, serious leakage or low power supply voltage.If there are serious defects and broken bars in the aluminum bar of the rotor, especially the washing machine motor often starts and runs alternately in both positive and negative directions, the large induced current of the rotor aluminum bar will easily break the rotor aluminum bar, resulting in slow and weak operation.
  2. When there are cracks in the aluminum strip during use, you can drill a small hole between the cracks with a hand electric drill, insert the corresponding aluminum wire strip into the hole, knock it flat and rivet it, and then use a steel file and sandpaper to It is polished and smooth.
  When using a DC geared motor, if you find any problems, you should stop the equipment, find out the problem and the cause, and solve it quickly; because it may only be a small problem, if it is not solved in time, it will directly cause damage to the motor.The above hope can be helpful to your actual use.If you encounter any problems during the later use of the equipment, you can consult and contact us.
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