The difference between speed regulation and deceleration of DC geared motor

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  What is the difference between a DC geared motor and speed adjustment?This is just one word difference, but the difference is far.They have different functions and uses:

  1. The speed of the DC geared motor can be adjusted: the DC geared motor can be powered by a voltage-adjustable DC power supply, and the speed of the DC geared motor can be adjusted by adjusting the power supply voltage;

DC geared motor

  2. Deceleration and speed regulation of DC geared motors are two different things.Speed ​​regulation refers to changing the power supply voltage of the motor (or changing the drive circuit parameters of the motor) to achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed, and deceleration (in most cases) refers to the installation of a reducer with a certain speed ratio on the output shaft of the motor to achieve deceleration (At the same time increase the torque);
  3. Motors can be divided into "brush motors" and "brushless motors".The former can be adjusted by changing the power supply voltage.The power supply voltage of the latter needs to be constant (the brushless motor cannot be adjusted by changing the power supply voltage), but the purpose of adjustment is achieved by adjusting the driver;
  4. There are two types of brushless geared motors: the built-in drive brushless DC motor and the external drive brushless DC motor cannot adjust the speed, but whether the speed can be adjusted depends on the structure of the drive;
  5. DC motors with magnets: most of them have brush motors.If the rated working voltage of the motor is 12V, the 0-12V DC regulated power supply can be used for stepless speed regulation of the motor.
  The above electromechanical is the comparison and explanation of terms between the DC geared motor and the governor.If you don't understand anything, please consult us immediately and answer online.
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