What are the characteristics of DC geared motors

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  The DC gear motor is based on the combination of an ordinary DC motor and a matched gear reducer.The application effect of the device is relatively good, and it has good applications in many aspects.So how much do you know about the knowledge points of this equipment?The following article explains the characteristics of this device.It has the following characteristics:

  1. Large starting torque: the speed can be adjusted evenly and economically.Therefore, all machines that are started under heavy load or need to be adjusted at a constant speed, such as large reversible rolling mills, hoists, electric locomotives or trams, can be driven by DC geared motors.

Planetary reducer

  2. Good speed regulation performance: The so-called "speed regulation performance" means that the motor's speed is artificially changed according to needs under certain load conditions.The DC motor under heavy load can achieve uniform and smooth stepless speed regulation, and its speed regulation range is relatively wide.
  3. The DC geared motor has lower energy consumption and longer service life than other motors when adjusting the speed.
  Through the understanding of the characteristics of the DC geared motor, we can understand the excellent performance of the equipment, and its good application in many industries, and even the main driving force for the development of many industries.
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