Specifications of DC geared motors

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  The DC gear motor is equipped with a gear reducer on the basis of an ordinary DC motor, which can improve the utilization rate of the automation industry.Due to the different purposes and scope of use, it can be divided into the following different specifications and models:

  XNUMX. PX series planetary gear reducer motor
  With wide adjustment range, small size, light weight, high efficiency, compact structure, and large output torque, it is a commonly used motor series at present.
  XNUMX. GK series square gearbox DC deceleration motor
  The equipment has perfect manufacturing technology, low noise and stable operation.The reduction ratio is 3-300, and motors of different powers can obtain ideal output torque.
  XNUMX. NMRV series worm gear motor:
  Worm gear reducer, including three-phase AC and single-phase AC.DC motors, permanent magnet DC motors, etc.It runs smoothly, has low noise, large transmission ratio and strong carrying capacity.
  DC gear motors have complete specifications and models. Different series of specifications and models of DC motors have different characteristics, uses, and application requirements.Therefore, when choosing a DC geared motor, the performance of the product should be compared according to actual needs.I hope you can learn something from this introduction.

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