Question: How to properly disassemble the DC geared motor?

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  The DC gear motor is based on the ordinary motor, plus a matching gear reducer.The gear reducer provides lower speed and greater torque.At the same time, different reduction ratios of the gearbox can provide different speeds and torques.When the DC motor is damaged in normal use, it needs to be cleaned regularly, so we need to disassemble the device.Let me introduce to you the precautions for disassembly of the DC motor:

DC geared motor

  1. First, remove the external wiring of the DC geared motor and make a mark.For asynchronous motors, mark the corresponding three-phase power line and mark it as corresponding to external wiring, such as shunt winding and armature winding.Then loosen the anchor bolts to mechanically separate the motor from the transmission.
  2. Use the tool shown to remove the pulley or coupling on the DC motor shaft.Sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the pulley motor shafts to make it permeable and lubricating and easy to disassemble.Some axles and wheels fit closely, and the wheels need to be heated quickly before they can be disassembled.
  3. For motors equipped with rolling bearings, first remove the outer cover of the bearing, then loosen the fastening screws of the end cover, and mark the connection between the end cover and the frame shell.The fastening screws removed from the end cover should be screwed into the two specially set screw holes on the end cover of the motor, and the end cover should pop out.For motors without such screw holes, you can use a chisel and hammer to hit the joint between the end cover and the frame to remove the end cover from the frame.If the end cap is heavy, use a lifting device to lift the end cap and gradually unload it.
  4. When disassembling the DC geared motor with a brush, take the brush out of the brush holder and mark the position of the center line of the brush when disassembling the equipment.
  5. When pulling out the rotor, be careful not to touch the stator coil.If the rotor is not heavy, you can pull out the heavy object by hand.Cover both ends of the rotor shaft with a hoisting wire rope, hoist the rotor with a hoisting device, and then slowly take it out, taking care to prevent damage to the coil.Then put a steel pipe on one end of the shaft.In order not to scratch the journal, the steel pipe can be lined with thick cardboard to continue removing the rotor step by step.When the rotor has moved to the outside of the stator, place a bracket under the shaft end of the rotor and place the steel wire rope in the middle of the rotor to pull out all the rotors.
  The above is the disassembly skills of the DC geared motor. In order to maintain the equipment for smooth inspection and fault repair, in some cases it is necessary to disassemble the equipment, so that the internal structure can be clearly seen and targeted repairs. Ensure its long-term stable operation.
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