Zibo XINLANZeyu Electricplant

Zibo Boshan Zeyu Motor Factory

      Zibo XINLAN Zeyu Motor Factory is located in XINLAN District, Zibo City, which has more than XNUMX years of motor production history and XNUMX motor production bases.The factory has rich design, manufacturing experience and advanced production technology.
      The main products are: ZYT series permanent magnet DC motors, ZYN series rare earth permanent magnet DC motors, SZ (S) series DC servo motors, PX, GK, NMRV DC gear motors, through matching different reducers and speed regulators, can be composed of different The geared motor and the speed-regulating motor realize different speed requirements, such as single-phase asynchronous series motors, WK (SK) series DC control power supplies and AC speed-regulating power supplies.
      We always adhere to the factory management policy of "stressing unity, emphasizing science and technology, and keeping reputation", vigorously promote the entrepreneurial spirit of pioneering and enterprising, strive to implement talents to develop the factory, optimize management, actively promote various reforms, improve the quality of the enterprise, and successfully break through A road to enterprise development.
      Our corporate philosophy is "to be brave to develop, to innovate continuously, to survive by quality, and to promote development by efficiency". In order to achieve the grand goal of the company, we will use superhuman courage to create new brilliance.

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