Introduce the assembly process "tips" of DC geared motors

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  "When changing the oil drain plug, drain the dirty oil and cleaning agent. An oil drain hole should be opened at the bottom of the tank seat and at the low position of the oil sump. The drain hole should be blocked with a screw plug at ordinary times. The drain plug and the box body Leak-proof gaskets should be added between the joint surfaces, and frequent start-up inspections are still very helpful."This is one of the characteristics of the DC geared motor. You should not know the assembly process of this equipment. Let us get to know it next.

DC geared motor

  (2) Choose high-quality bearings.The matching between the bearing and the rotating shaft or the bearing and the bearing seat should be appropriate, and the temperature and time during the bearing hot sleeve should be controlled well.
  (3) The rotor dynamic balance error is the main cause of mechanical noise. Therefore, when installing the micro geared motor, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of the rotor dynamic balance inspection, minimize the effect of eccentricity, and ensure the concentricity of the coupling.
  (4) Different types of bearings of DC geared motors should be installed according to their installation process requirements.In principle, it is not allowed to knock with a copper rod, otherwise the bearing inner ring will be damaged by uneven force.When using the hot sleeve method to assemble the bearing, the matching dimensions of the bearing and the journal should be carefully checked in advance.Since the hot sleeve is different from the cold sleeve, when the hot sleeve is inserted into the bearing, it is not easy to find out whether the fit tolerance and interference between the journal and the bearing are appropriate.After the bearing is hot-sleeved, do not move the miniature reducer motor or assemble other accessories to prevent the bearing from shifting.
  According to the above introduction to the assembly process of the DC geared motor, everyone can understand it better and help users use the equipment better.When equipment fails, it can be discovered and resolved in time.If you want to know more about the device, please visit other sections of this website.
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