How to repair the governor of the DC geared motor?

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  When we use the DC geared motor speed controller for a long time, the equipment sometimes has some faults. In the maintenance of the motor speed control equipment, we need to pay attention to the wiring problem, so how should the wiring be done during the maintenance process?Let me give you a specific introduction.

DC geared motor

  1. During the wiring process, there are some precautions for the main winding and auxiliary winding.We all know that a single-phase asynchronous motor is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a bearing, a shell, and an end cover.So its wiring process is more complicated.
  2. The stator is composed of a base and an iron core with windings.When repairing the speed controller of the DC geared motor, it should be noted that the main winding should be connected to the AC power supply, and the auxiliary winding should be connected in series with the centrifugal switch S or the starting capacitor and the running capacitor of the single-phase asynchronous motor, and then the power supply.
  3. The large-scale DC geared motor speed controller can be used in a wide range of daily life.In the production process, the geared motor can show power and working time.Therefore, in order to reduce the frequency of maintenance of the geared motor, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance on it.
  Under normal circumstances, when we use the DC geared motor speed regulator, we must also maintain the equipment regularly. If abnormal problems are found during use, they must be repaired in time to avoid affecting the normal production in the later period.Hope this answer is helpful to you.
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