Introduction to the working principle of DC geared motors "small knowledge"

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  With the development of my country's industry, the use of DC motors has been widely used. Because of the superior performance of this equipment, it has been praised by many industries.So in actual use, what kind of working principle does the DC geared motor realize the speed adjustment?The following article explains in detail for everyone.

DC geared motor

  A rotating motor whose output or input is DC power is called a DC geared motor, which can realize the mutual conversion of DC electrical power and mechanical energy.When it runs as a motor, it is a DC motor motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy; when a generator runs, it is a DC generator motor that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.The effect provides a lower speed and a larger torque.At the same time, different reduction ratios of the gearbox can provide different speeds and torques.This greatly improves the utilization rate of DC motors in the automation industry.Geared motor refers to the integration of reducer and motor.This integrated body can also be called a gear motor or a gear motor.Usually, it is integrated and assembled by a professional reducer manufacturer and supplied as a complete set.Geared motors are widely used in the steel industry and machinery industry.
  Principle: The DC geared motor is fixed with a ring-shaped permanent magnet, and the current passes through the coil on the rotor to generate Lorentz magnetic force.When the coil on the rotor is parallel to the magnetic field, the direction of the magnetic field will change, so the brush at the end of the rotor alternately contacts the converter, so the direction of the current on the coil also changes, and the direction of the Lorentz magnetic force does not change, so The motor can keep rotating in one direction.
  Through the brief introduction above, we understand what the working principle of this DC geared motor is. In the future operation and use, we must pay more attention to the knowledge of the product to make it more convenient to use.
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