Causes of failure of DC geared motors

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  The DC geared motor is a common micro geared motor in the electromechanical industry, but the knowledge of how to solve the problem of the geared motor should not be very clear. Therefore, the editor briefly sorted out the solutions in this area, let's take a look together.

DC geared motor

  1. The categories of DC gear motors are divided into mechanical and electrical categories.We can prevent or reduce mechanical errors through ordinary maintenance or protection.If the motor has cavitation, excessive vibration, heat generation, etc.We can check whether the bearing parts are tight, whether the lubricating grease is qualified, whether the winding coil insulation is intact, etc.Find out the problem, and then deal with it according to the corresponding problem.
  2. In general, if the bearing does not meet the specified range, the gap between the rotor and the stator is too small, which will cause the bearing to wear and even deform, which will affect the normal use of the motor.If the frame, the end cover and the rotor are not on the same horizontal line, the sweeping phenomenon will occur, so the parts must be adjusted or replaced in time.Therefore, we should directly master the operation knowledge and maintenance skills of DC geared motors.
  3. When the DC geared motor fails, you can find out the cause of the problem based on its error phenomenon, and then quickly solve the problem to prevent further losses.
  Through the above introduction to the cause of the failure of the DC geared motor, during the use of the equipment, attention should be paid to various operations and methods of use, and the equipment should be inspected and maintained regularly, and the parts should be replaced in time if the failure is found to extend the service life of the equipment.

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