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The purpose of DC permanent magnet motor:
In terms of stage lighting, permanent magnet DC motors, especially small permanent magnet DC gear motors, are used very much.A large number of permanent magnet DC motors are used in printers, scanners, hard disk drives, optical disc drives, recorders, cooling fans, etc. in the computer industry.
Various permanent magnet DC motors are used in various fans, wipers, water spray pumps, flame extinguishers, mirrors, and air pumps in the automotive industry.The hotel's automatic doors, automatic door locks, automatic curtains, automatic water supply systems, soft towel machines, etc. all use permanent magnet DC motors. In weapon equipment, permanent magnet DC motors are widely used in missiles, artillery, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. , Ships, airplanes, tanks, rockets, radars, tanks and other occasions.
In industry and agriculture, permanent magnet DC motors are also widely used in electrical and automation control and instrumentation.In the medical field, permanent magnet DC motors are even more useful, such as various medical instruments and surgical tools, such as electric bone saws in brain surgery, and in particular, various instruments in field surgery are basically used forever. Magnetic DC motor.In terms of supplies for the disabled, such as manipulators and disabled vehicles, permanent magnet DC motors are used.In terms of life, it is more useful. Even toothbrushes are made of electric toothbrushes with permanent magnet DC motors.The application of permanent magnet DC motor is really endless, it can be said that it is ubiquitous.
With the development of the times, there will be more applications of permanent magnet DC motors, and many occasions where AC motors were originally used have been replaced by permanent magnet DC motors.Especially after the emergence of permanent magnet brushless motors, the production volume of permanent magnet DC motors is constantly country produces more than billions of various permanent magnet DC motors every year, and there are countless manufacturers of permanent magnet DC motors.

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