Liaoning Brushless Motor

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Product Details

Two speed measurement methods for brushless motors:
1. Velocity measurement method based on Hall effect principle
The rotating shaft of the brushless motor drives the magnetic steel on the shaft to rotate, thereby changing the size of the magnetic field. The change of the magnetic field is converted into a pulse signal through the Hall circuit, which is amplified and shaped to output a rectangular pulse signal.When the speed changes, the frequency of the output pulse will change.So as to get the speed of rotation of the DC geared motor.
2. Photoelectric speed measurement method
A grid disc and photoelectric gate are used to form a speed measurement system.When the brushless motor drives the grid disc to rotate through the transmission part, the speed measuring photoelectric gate obtains a series of pulse signals.These pulse signals are coordinated by two timers/counters of the single-chip microcomputer, one for counting and one for timing.Calculate the number of pulses per unit time m, after unit conversion, the speed of the motor can be calculated.

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