Liaoning Motor Controller

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Product Details

Overview of the motor controller:
The motor controller stabilized power supply adopts pulse width modulation technology, and is designed and produced by adopting today's advanced switching devices. It has a small size, no noise, high efficiency, and has a short-circuit protection function (to ensure that the motor is frequently reversed), and the armature The output voltage is highly stable, and its armature voltage is continuously adjustable from zero to the rated value, which makes motor speed adjustment convenient. Due to the high operating frequency of this series of power supplies, the motor can work stably at low speeds (that is, no creeping phenomenon). ) Is an ideal replacement product for the SCR speed-regulating power supply.
Applicable conditions:
Altitude does not exceed 4000m
Ambient temperature: -20C~+40C
Relative humidity: 85%
Install in a well-ventilated room
Allowable AC grid voltage fluctuation range is 160V--250V
There is no conductor in the operating environment and no corrosive gases
There is no danger of explosion, no violent vibration and impact

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