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Product Details

The AC gear motor is an AC single-machine running motor. It can be divided into nine varieties from 6W to 180W according to the output power. It can rotate in both positive and negative directions, and can increase the speed control function of stepless speed.Motors with different powers and different performances can be equipped with a suitable gear reducer to achieve the required speed output.
This series of products are suitable for continuous operation of working machinery, such as production lines, automatic machine tools, printing machinery. It can also be used in occasions where frequent stops or reversing operations, such as automatic vending machines, packaging machines, voltage regulators, electric elevators, etc. .

Things to note
1. Connect the wires in the correct way.
2. The motor should not run for a long time without load or run at low speed with overload and locked rotor to avoid excessive temperature rise.
3. The lead wire of the motor should not be pulled with force to avoid breaking the internal coil.
4. Don't disassemble and install the installed gear reducer casually, so as to prevent dust from entering or the gear meshing is not good to cause noise.
5. When the output shaft of the motor and gear reducer is connected with the load, it cannot be struck or squeezed by gravity, so as to avoid internal deformation and misalignment, causing serious noise or jamming.

Technical conditions
Normal insulation resistance: 100MQ
Insulation dielectric strength: AC1500V1min
Allowable temperature rise: no more than 75k (when the altitude is 1000m)
Motor wire: JF0.3~ 1.0mm 300mm
Storage environment requirements
1. Air temperature: -5C~+35C
2. Relative humidity: <70%
3. Good ventilation, no corrosive gas in the air
Working environment requirements
●Environmental temperature: -10C~+55C
(Relative humidity: ≤90% (at +25C)

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