Oil supply knowledge of DC geared motor

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  In order to ensure that the normal operation of the DC geared motor is not affected, it needs to be refueled in time after a period of use, and pay attention to the correct refueling method when refueling the equipment.Adding too much or too little oil will affect the normal use of the equipment.So let's learn about the refueling knowledge of the equipment together.

DC geared motor

  XNUMX. How to refuel
  There are usually two ways to ensure the amount of fuel added to the motor.Here is only a simple method.Place the equipment horizontally, rotate the barrel body so that the oil drain port on the end cover is 1/3 of the barrel diameter, and then add oil from the oil filler port until the oil overflows from the oil drain port.At this time, the liquid level in the barrel should be 1/3 of the barrel diameter.
  XNUMX. The amount of oil to be added to the DC geared motor
  The above is a related introduction to the refueling knowledge of DC geared motors. Knowing the refueling method and the amount of refueling can help us use the equipment better.Hope this answer is helpful to you.If you have any other questions, you can leave a message on our website.

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