Do you know the spring adjustment methods of DC geared motors?

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  Our commonly used gear reducer motor—DC geared motor can be widely used in the steel industry, machinery industry, etc., but the manufacturer has added a gear box on the basis of the ordinary reducer motor.Many users don't know much, so the editor has compiled the following content, let us understand how to adjust the spring.

DC geared motor

  XNUMX. The first thing to do before using the equipment is to adjust the spring, first disconnect the power of the geared motor, then open the box machine, loosen the screws on the box cover, and remove the box cover.
  XNUMX. The next step is to adjust the screws of each tension spring with a hexagonal wrench to make the controller of the DC geared motor reach a satisfactory state when the rod is running.
  XNUMX. If it is found that the lifting time bar of the geared motor is shaking, it means that the above operation can be repeated after the balance spring is too strong.
  90. The next step is to turn on the power of the barrier gate, press the up or down button of the controller to make the controller run up and down 4 degrees 5-XNUMX times.If the rod falls and shakes, it means that the tension of the balance spring is not enough, and the operation of the controller needs to be adjusted to the vertical state.
  5. If the DC geared motor controller is running, but the controller does not move when the rod is lifted, it means that the tension of the balance tension spring is insufficient. You only need to adjust the tension spring state or increase the tension spring until the geared motor controller operates normally.
  Here is how to adjust the spring of the DC geared motor.It can be understood that if you encounter spring problems with DC geared motors in the future, you need to adjust them according to the actual situation of your own equipment.It will benefit the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the occurrence of failures.

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