Starting torque requirements of DC geared motors

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  When the DC geared motor is running, the DC power and machinery can be converted to each other, which can improve the efficiency of the motor. So, what is the starting torque requirement of the DC geared motor?
  Due to the large starting torque of the DC geared motor, its torque characteristic curve is obviously different, which can make the critical slip S01, which not only makes the torque characteristic (mechanical characteristic) closer to linearity, but also has a larger starting torque.Therefore, when the stator has a control voltage, the rotor immediately rotates, which has the characteristics of fast start and high sensitivity.This pair of electromagnetic forces form a torque on the armature called a rotating electric machine, and the direction of the torque is counterclockwise, trying to make the armature rotate counterclockwise.
  Generally speaking, the starting torque of the motor is laminated by silicon steel sheets, which is less than the rotor slot of the electromagnetic DC motor.Most low-power motors used in tape recorders and duplicators have 3 slots, and motors have 5 or 7 slots.The enameled wire is wound between the two slots of the rotor core (three windings in the three slots), and each joint is welded to the metal sheet of the commutator.The brush is a conductive part that connects the power supply and the rotor winding. It has both conductivity and wear resistance.The brush of the DC geared motor uses a single metal sheet or a metal graphite brush and an electrochemical graphite brush.

  The motor has a fast response and large starting torque. It can provide rated torque from zero speed to rated speed. However, the advantages of DC geared motors are also its disadvantages, because the armature magnetic field and rotor magnetic field must be kept constant at 90, so that the motor can operate at the rated load. To produce constant torque, this requires carbon brushes and rectifiers.When the motor rotates, the carbon brushes and commutator will generate sparks and carbon powder, which will not only damage the components, but also restrict the use of occasions.AC motors do not have carbon brushes and commutators, so they are maintenance-free, durable, and versatile.However, to achieve the performance equivalent to the DC geared motor requires complex control technology. Today, with the rapid development of semiconductors, the switching frequency of power components is much faster, which improves the performance of the drive motor and the microprocessor is getting faster and faster. The AC motor control can be placed in a rotating two-axis orthogonal coordinate system, and the current components of the AC motor in the two axes can be appropriately controlled.

DC geared motor

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