Cooling medium level of DC geared motor

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  The DC reduction motor, namely the gear reduction motor, is based on the ordinary DC motor, plus a matching gear reduction box.The function of the gear reducer is to provide a lower speed and a larger torque.At the same time, different reduction ratios of the gearbox can provide different speeds and torques.This greatly improves the utilization rate of DC motors in the automation industry.

  Its temperature determines its service life and rated capacity. Therefore, the cooling problem of a DC geared motor is an important issue in design, manufacture, operation and maintenance. Its cooling process is that part of the loss during energy conversion will become heat through the motor. The behavior of the hull to the outside world is the cooling process. Today, let's understand the level of the cooling medium.

DC geared motor

  1. The secondary cooling medium of the DC geared motor: the gas whose temperature is lower than that of the primary cooling medium will take away the heat released by the primary cooling medium through its outer surface.
  2. Primary cooling medium: A gas or liquid medium whose temperature is lower than that of a certain part of the DC geared motor will take away the heat it emits by contacting this part of the DC geared motor.
  3. Surrounding cooling medium: gas or liquid medium surrounding the DC geared motor.
  4. Cooling medium: the cooling medium to which the heat is transferred.
  Sometimes the manufacturer will introduce the internal capacity conversion of the equipment when using the DC geared motor. This is needed during use. If there is a problem with its cooling, this may cause the use of the geared motor to malfunction. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the cooling medium of DC geared motors.I hope that the editor's article can help you understand this product better.
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