Integrated setting of DC geared motor

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   The use of DC geared motors is actually supported by integrated circuits, so its material selection and design are still more important.Next, let's briefly understand what are the issues to pay attention to:
  1. Slip ring structure Slip ring structure is divided into: integral plastic die-casting slip ring (for small motors); assembly slip ring (medium motor); screw assembly slip ring (medium, Low-speed large motors); thermal sleeve type slip ring (applicable to high-speed motors).

DC geared motor

  2. The material of the electric ring is selected according to the electrical conductivity, the wear resistance and stable sliding contact characteristics required when sliding contact with the brush, as well as the requirements of mechanical strength. The slip ring can be made of brass, bronze, low carbon steel or medium carbon. Made of steel, the slip ring of the high-speed motor is made of high-strength alloy steel (such as 35SMin).For corrosive places, stainless steel slip rings can be used, but the sliding characteristics of stainless steel are not stable. Improper combination with brushes will often cause the brushes to jump, which may cause excessive temperature rise or abnormal wear of the brushes. Try not to use this material.
  Through the introduction, we learned that in the mining, metallurgy, cement plant and other industries, the collector ring and brushes of the DC geared motor are used to connect the starting resistance and short-circuit the rotor winding after the motor starts.In order to reduce the wear and heat of the slip ring and brushes of the DC geared motor during the entire service life, the selection of slip rings and brushes is very important for the wound rotor motor.
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