Why is the DC geared motor vibration source?

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  The DC geared motor is also a geared motor. On the basis of an ordinary motor, a matching gear reducer is added.The function of the gear reducer is to provide a lower speed and a larger torque.At the same time, different reduction ratios of the gearbox can provide different speeds and torques.This improves the utilization rate of DC geared motors in the automation industry.
  XNUMX. Mechanical reasons
  1. The journal is elliptical or the shaft is bent.When the motor rotates, interference vibration is generated due to the gravity of the rotor, and its vibration frequency is usually double the working frequency of the motor.The bending of the shaft causes an unbalanced weight to rotate around the static equilibrium position at an angular velocity, and the result is the same as the unbalance of the rotor.The journal ellipse or shaft bending can be measured with a dial indicator during cranking. The journal ellipse of the DC geared motor needs to be rounded after welding or brush plating, and correction processing is required when the shaft is bent.
  2. The armature is unbalanced.Due to the centrifugal force generated by the unbalanced mass during rotation, a rotating force acts on the bearing, causing the vibration of the motor and the foundation.When the air gap is uneven, the main pole is not tightly fixed, or the rigidity of the base and the end cover is poor, the vibration will increase. Therefore, when the rotor is unbalanced, the dynamic balance needs to be re-balanced.
  3. The main supporting parts of the base and end cover of the DC geared motor are manufactured errors or deformed in operation.Due to the out-of-tolerance shape and position error of the important supporting parts of the rotor such as the base and end cover, especially the deformation of the base and end cover and other important supporting parts after the large and medium-sized motors run for a long time, causing the bearing to interfere during the operation of the motor Force, causing the motor to vibrate.
  4. The radial clearance of the bearing is too large, and the outer ring and the end cover are loose.When assembling, the bearing should be inspected and qualified.The matching of the bearing, the journal and the bearing seat must meet the requirements, otherwise, spraying or brushing process must be adopted to avoid the vibration caused by the poor work of the bearing.For worn bearings, the vibration and noise frequency of the DC geared motor is relatively high when it is running, and it is easier to judge. If this situation is found, the bearing should be replaced.
  XNUMX. Electrical reasons
  1. Uneven air gap.Due to the uneven disassembly air gap, unilateral magnetic tension occurs when the motor is running, and its effect is equivalent to the increase in the deflection of the motor shaft.Therefore, ensuring the average disassembly of the air gap is a necessary measure to avoid vibration;
  2. The rotor coil is damaged.Due to the damage of the rotor coil, the radial force of the rotor is uneven when the DC geared motor is running, and the consequences are similar to the imbalance of the rotor;
  3. Electromagnetic force.This electromagnetic force is mainly caused by the longitudinal oscillation of the magnetic flux under the pole shoe, which usually has a tooth frequency, especially when the stator is also open to the cogging slot, the magnetic flux pulsation increases, and it is easier to form an alternating magnetic pulling force.
  The above is the reason for the vibration of the DC geared motor. I hope it can help you. If you need to know more related knowledge, please contact us and we will answer you one by one.
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