Why does the DC geared motor leak oil?What causes it?

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  It is normal for a DC geared motor to malfunction for a long time. For example, oil leakage of the motor is caused by the wear or loosening of mechanical parts, which may affect the normal operation of the geared motor.At this time, measures should be taken to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.Let's take a look at the cause of oil leakage in the reducer:

DC geared motor

  1. In the process of using the DC geared motor, too much oil is added, and a large amount of lubricating oil accumulates in the shaft seal, resulting in poor mixing of the oil pool when the equipment is running, causing the lubricating oil to splash into the equipment and causing oil leakage.
  2. Since the fuel tank of the DC geared motor is located in a closed space, heat will be generated when the gears mesh.When the equipment is working, due to the long-term operation of the machine, the temperature in the chassis will increase, which will cause the pressure in the oil tank of the reducer to increase and the lubricating oil to splash.
  3. If the structure of the reducer is unreasonable, it will also cause oil leakage, especially if the ventilation cover is not considered in the design of the DC reducer, it will cause the pressure of the reducer to equalize, thereby increasing the pressure in the fuel tank and causing oil leakage.
  4. If the DC geared motor has improper maintenance during the maintenance process, for example, the sealant does not match when used, or the seal is installed in the opposite direction, or the dirt on the joint surface is not cleaned up, it will cause oil leakage.
  Therefore, the DC geared motor should be maintained regularly.If an oil leak occurs, it is not just a repair, but it is more important to understand the cause.Hope you can master this knowledge.If our article is helpful to you, you can pay attention to the update of this website.

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