Share the solution when the surface of the DC geared motor is damaged

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  DC gear motors are widely used in our lives.It is mainly an engine that converts energy into mechanical energy.Therefore, in normal use, collision protection equipment should be avoided.But sometimes the surface of the geared motor may be damaged during operation. How to solve this problem?The editor will share my experience.

DC geared motor

  1. The silicon steel sheet in the worn part of the iron core is annealed due to frictional overheating, resulting in a decrease in the magnetic permeability of the silicon steel sheet.If it is not handled in time, the eddy current will continue to increase with the aging of the core insulation of the DC geared motor, causing the temperature to rise, causing the motor to overheat or even burn.
  2. Winding insulation breakdown and short circuit will cause arcing, burn out the surface of the iron core, and the surface of the burned iron core is often uneven.This will not only affect the normal operation of the DC geared motor, but also cause a short circuit between the silicon steel sheets and large eddy currents in the iron core.
  3. Once the bearing is severely worn, overloaded or impacted, the bearing of the DC geared motor will be slightly deformed or bent, which will cause the rotor to sweep through the hole.Due to the sweeping, the surface of the iron core will be slightly scratched, while the iron core will wear out and the winding will be burned.At this time, the power supply should be cut off immediately to stop the decelerating motor and inspect it.
  For DC geared motors, different damage locations and solutions are different.The equipment maintenance solution can be operated according to the above introduction to avoid secondary damage to the equipment due to blind operation.I hope you can master this answer well.
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